Korea Ski Tours (Daily Ski Tour 3 Nami Island Ski Tour)
Tour Name: Daily Ski Tour 3 Nami Island Ski Tour

Minimum Pax:
Time Required:
Tour Name,
A) Nami Island + Snow KRW80,000p/p
B) Nami Island + Snow Sled KRW95,000p/p
C) Nami Island + Ski KRW105,000p/p
(Children Under 10 Receive 10% D.C)
Course: Meeting place - Nami Island - Gangchon Elysian Resort - Duty Free Shop - Drop off at Myeongdong


A) Transportation, Tour Guide, Admission Fee(Nami Island)
B) Transportation, Tour Guide, Snow Sled Ticket, Admission Fee(Nami Island)
C) Transportation, Tour Guide, Admission Fee(Nami Island), Ski Gear(skis, boots, poles), Basic Ski lesson

Exclusion: Lunch, Ski Clothes, Ski Lift

Option: Ski Clothes- KRW15,000, Ski Lift- KRW50,000, Snow Board- KRW 10,000

*Meeting place*
1. 07:00 AM Hongik Univ. Subway Station Exit No 8
2. 07:40 AM Myeongdong Subway Station Exit No 2
3. 08:00 AM Dongdaemun History & Cultural Park Subway Station Exit No 8
* Drop place will be only Myeongdong

Nami Island
This island is always packed with tourists from all other countries. This big Korean wave brings a lot of tourist in Korea, to Nami-island every year. People might not understand the languages they hear in the island, because its like a different country that consists of 10 different nationalities. Nevertheless, they have same feeling there, dreaming of same things in the mind. People come to Nami island to see what they dream, what they want to see. And they get satisfied. Now, its your turn to visit for your dreamy dream.

Elysian Gangchon Resort
Enjoy the excitement of skiing itself without worries about heavy traffic or bad weather.
Strict snow maintenance and several events for pleasant ski culture Elysian G`angchon has been making its best efforts to provide you with satisfaction.